We are Tax Professionals: Enrolled Agents, licensed to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service.  We help you resolve IRS audits, IRS Appeals, IRS Collection problems as well as State Revenue Department needs.


We prepare individual, partnership, corporate and other types of tax returns.

As licensed Enrolled Agents we assist U.S. taxpayers in meeting their income tax filing obligations.

Beyond preparing tax returns, we also help educate taxpayers about the tax laws, and facilitate electronic filing.  We provide advice to taxpayers, identify items or issues for which the law or guidance is unclear, and inform taxpayers of the benefits and risks of positions taken on a tax return, and the tax treatment or reporting of items and transactions.  Enrolled Agents, well educated in the rules and subject matter of their field, prevent costly errors, potentially saving a taxpayer from unwanted problems later on and relieving the IRS from expending valuable examination and collection resources.  Attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents who are paid to prepare one or more tax returns must register with the IRS.


We encourage our clients to be “intimately” involved with their tax return.  Therefore, we offer tax planning throughout the year..  not just at tax time.


As Enrolled agents we are authorized to represent you before the IRS or State Taxing Agency and handle your audit or collection matters.  In addition we are also authorized to propose alternatives to IRS enforced collection measures and negotiate resolutions of disputes for taxpayers with IRS appeal officials.

Besides the above, we are available in other Civil matters such as child support cases, real estate cases and so on.