Business Solutions


Great Perception works with clients to successfully create a business solution utilizing years of experience and broad spectrum of knowledge of tax, accounting, and computer technology. 

We have real world experience in supporting individuals as well as businesses in realizing their goals.  We are here to enable you to do what you do best as we do what we do best.  Our span of experience ranges from business solutions for the software engineer creating an iPhone application to an author creating an eBook.  Some of the business solutions may include offering advice and guidance in establishing the appropriate business entity (i.e. sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation), obtaining necessary business licenses and permits, creating business books, and sound tax advice.

We're pleased to announce an example of one of our success stories:

Our business professionals have provided business solutions to allow software engineers to market an iPhone application called "Burn Some Ants"

Additionally we provided assistance to direct marketing consultants of Longaberger Handcrafted Home Decor.